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AI Powered fintech solutions

Using AI for providing fintech solutions will boost the competitive advantage along with the performance. We provide predictive analytics for fraud detection real-time anomalous data detection in bank transactions loans personalization credit card transactions insurance claims etc

Energy Data Analysis and prediction

Energy statistics are the backbone for a national to formulate energy policies. We provide the solutions for demand/load forecasting loss reduction theft detection purchase cost estimation etc

Conversational AI Tools

We automate online conversations and provide custom chatbots and voice-based assistants for successful business transitions. AI-powered chatbots offer an output that is impossible by human effort. It makes business more convenient and less time-consuming for the users. Chatbots also provide you with individual preferences of your target audience boosting your business in a short period.

AI-Enabled Edutech solutions

We help to provide the best learning experience for students by using different predictive and clustering algorithms. We use AI to provide customized learning without geographical barriers while minimizing human effort and errors.

Collabll AI Research collaborates with interdisciplinary domain experts, research labs, and experts around the world to contribute to breakthroughs in the industry.